In the vibe of the night, the emotions are howling to the moon

with every blink of your eye that illuminates my heart as that

subtle potion of witchcraft that is slowly taking over every shiver

that is born on my body in the coolness of the dark because passion

makes it a habit to hide in the shadows of time when the streets

take over the city and my heart wanders between the breaths of lost souls

and lovers who forgot the calling of the night where candles are

the word catchers of old poets and the pains of decimated hearts.


In the gloom of the world, I walk around on the path of the pebble stones

because every rock is a tear that is hardened by the pain of unanswered

love and hope is faint at night because heartbeats sleep, dreams become

captives of tired bodies, but restless hearts never stop aching in the pulse

of night creatures like me, my pen is darker than the shadows who hide from

the moon, my soul is the elixir that is too black for the moon to drink,

my name is nobody and my breathing is the life lust that got lost in the

labyrinth of the people who talk languages but do not understand.

My black heart has ticks like any other, waiting for your red eternal love.


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