Lady Grey

Lady Grey

The grey color of your hair was the veil of wisdom and the crown

that was carrying your smile, in those eyes that shined with eternal

fire was the love you shared until the day when your soul decided to take

its rightful place among the ever-vibrant stars in the heavens.


In the irises of your grandchildren, I see your reflection and I feel

the perfume of your personality, that is also present in the memory

we carry today, Lady Grey received her angel wings a long time ago

on earth, and now in the painful hurting of your departure, you

are like the candle that will always burn and warm our souls,

the fragile dear little woman with grey hair was a monumental

lady that enchanted every heart she met and could soften

every tear from the ones she crossed their paths.


The color grey is like a see-through curtain where you kept

your stories, pain, and laughter in a treasure chest for any

one to discover, you are now in peace over the arch of

the rainbow, no more pain, and with every ray of sunshine

we can feel your smile upon those who walked next to

you at one time, and are now praying in solitude for you.

Lady Grey I wish you never had to go away.

Sumalangit ka nawa.


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