In the Name of the Father

In the Name of the Father

In the Name of the father, you will feel my unspoken words

rafting through your bloodstream avoiding invisible cliffs of pain

and hurt, until they reach at the end of the great waterfall of tears

your heart to keep you warm in your future days of desperation.


In the name of the father, you will feel at unexpected moments

the warmth of my hand palm resting on your shoulder as a smoothing

sensation that will nourish your heartbeats with the drum sound of the

confidence and strength that will keep you safe in the candlelight

moments of your life pages that are still unwritten in the mystery of time.


In the name of your father, you will observe and acknowledge small details

in the perfume of your days and the dreams of your darkest nights that will

accompany you as a loyal shadow and protect you against the loneliness of

a life that has not had the change to fulfill the growth of a celebrated soul.


In the name of the Father, you will not pray but remember in the name of your father

that the immortality of love is the elixir that never leaves you, it is and shall always

remain part of your heart chamber, where only he had the key to unlock your smiles

to vanquish your foes and to kiss away the tears that still hide in your beautiful eyes.

I love you, my children.

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