The Killer Angel

The Killer Angel

The killer angel descends with the elegance of a sharp blade and

predator eyes that don’t blink in the streaming rains of heaven.

Beauty turns into fury in one decisive breath and the most

beautiful monarch butterfly  has a concealed stinger under

those deceiving fragile colorful wings that overwhelm all the shadows

of the night, and control the creatures of the dark awaiting her command.


The killer angel will fight with the stardust breath of the fallen

because she is no stranger to pain and the smell of blood is the

survival of the ancients as her heart beats with anger since her

adoption by the Gods under the shadow of the Roman Eagle.

Roaming the earth in search of her other half is her damnation

until once again, two hearts will beat as one under the rule of

the omnipotent hourglass when the grains of sands that challenge

lovers who were torn apart by the chancellors of  eternal agony,

will fall into place on the chessboard of time and distance.


The killer Angel will die in the arms of the one she has always loved,

and the dust of time will not hold her back, there is vengeance in

the reunification of lost souls, even if armies have to march down

against the center of the earth, one has no choice than to follow destiny.

This angel takes ‘until death do us part’ to a non-negotiable level,

love is a battle where the spoils of war are irrelevant, the aim

is the search, the love rediscovered is everything, may we meet again.



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