The catching of your wandering eyes glancing through the dark room was

enough to know you meant trouble between the lines of the asphyxiating mist

of nicotine and alcohol fumes, the feeling you get when your spine revolts

against the shiver that is so sensual that it hurts and heals at the same time.

In the seductive arrogance of your eyes laid the portal to the dark senses,

the forbidden fruit that was the promise of the night heartbeats that would

blend in my shadow for the rest of my restless days, I knew, I didn’t care.


The sound of your voice was the beacon upon you let my dreams crash

on the shores of your velvet red lips, like the neon-mermaid  were you had

the knowledge that you were a goddess among lonely fatigued men.

The crossing of our eyes was the lightning that engulfed the room with that

invisible tangible energy that made us wonder when it would lead us into

a speakeasy bedroom in wish we would get lost together, forever as one.



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